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How to enter or grow in the EU, what strategy fits me? 

What is the best way to reach my goals?

So you've matched your product with your target market. You've even formulated some goals. Now where to start? Focus on particular countries? What are my ideal trade channels? What are the margins, what should be my price? Trade fairs? What activities that fit my budget and fit the strategy? How to use my strengths in my strategy? Does my personality fit the strategy?  

How does working with Amigos International Consultancy make it easier?

"We look at your individual case and make it fun to develop a strategy that fits YOU and your product."

Jeroen Kruft and Bastiaan Bais - senior consultants

There is no one-shoe-fits-all solution to developing a strategy. We will sit with you, either in person or through Skype to work out the way you will feel at home in the European jungle of trade. Amigos International Consultancy has a wide network of professionals for additional expertise, if necessary. Typically, the strategy development module takes half a year. 

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