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It all begins with being creative!

How to develop your product

So you have a product. Or an idea for a product. Amigos sits down with you and brainstorm to come up with a variety of high quality options, tailored to specific market segments. Is your packaging top-notch? Do you have the (various) European tastes in mind? Are all market access requirements met? How about certification? What makes your product special? 

How does working with Amigos International Consultancy make it easier?

Our large network of creative minds will get your product noticed 

Amigos makes product development fun!

We work with European and designers from producing countries for the best image and branding for your product. Our packaging experts specialize in affordable and ecologically friendly packaging. Our network of fellow-marketeers is used for cross-checking your product before it hits the market. We can even arrange for some pilot sales in real stores to see what the customer response is.  

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