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How to get attention for your product

How to use my limited budget to the max

So your budget is limited and want maximum exposure. How to balance it between direct B2B contacts and B2C adverting? Should I enter contests? How to visit potential clients? How to make them my friends? How to prepare for trade fairs? How to get most out of your trade fair and business visits? How to negotiate? What do European clients expect for service and communication? How to manage your social media marketing efficiently and effectively? 

How does working with Amigos International Consultancy make it easier?

Amigos will guide you in making long term friendships with your clients

In the end, clients are people just like you. They value quality, honesty and good service.

Amigos will coach you to reach out to new clients in the proper way: a good mix of professionalism, a personal touch, seriousness and humor. Clients are people too - treat them this way. Amigos will help you develop communication to give and receive respect. To maintain your relationships and build your portfolio of customers. Fifteen years of B2B and B2C promotion will help you to identify the right events, tours, advertisements and other tools for your business. 

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