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How to create sustainable productive agricultural systems ? 

Inclusive Climate Smart Agriculture

Amigos has been working with farmer groups worldwide to answer the following questions: How do I increase quality and productivity? How can I protect my farm from prolonged drought or heavy rains (climate change)? How can I guarantee inclusivity of all genders? How can I motivate youth to stay in agriculture? How can I make my cooperative more robust in terms of governance? How do I access finance?

Climate change is a serious challenge for agriculture in the Global South

Amigos teams up with experts in organic composting, gender equality and inclusion of youth

Amigos International has 20 years of experience in farmer training and cooperative management. Because at the basis of export success lie healthy agricultural systems with motivated people in companies with checks and balances. We have worked together with CBI, IPD, SIPPO, Agriterra and RockInSoils to create stronger cooperatives and exporters.

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