Specialty Coffee from India

In Kerala, South of India, Amigos International is initiating an organic farming coffee project. This project concerns a gourmet Robusta coffee, which is often, unjustly, seen as inferior to the Arabica coffee plant. The Robusta plant is – as its name suggests – more robust than the Arabica plant and produces a coffee that has a sharper taste.  When the coffee is washed en carefully selected, it is delicious. Traditionally all French and Italian espresso coffees of high quality used to be produced with Robusta beans. It wasn’t until the large scale growth of inferior Robusta in Vietnam and Brasil, that the plant came to be discredited.

India has always gained international fame and respect with the Robusta coffee that she produced. Especially in the south of the country (Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala) a vital coffee culture is embraced by the people.

A legend tells that around the year 1600 AD a Muslim pelgrim who returned from Arabia smuggeld seven coffee seads in his walking-stick. He planted these in the south of India. Four centuries later, the coffee grows between the high trees of the South Indian forests. In cooperation with local NGO’s Amigos is now developing a ‘ready to go’, 100% PICO coffee for the Indian and international market.

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