Coffee Nursery Project

Coffee Plant Nursery: Long-term Investment towards better Income, Reforestation and CO2 Absorption. In Olmedo, province of Loja, Ecuador, Amigos is financing a coffee plant nursery as of 2008. In discussions with farmers it became clear quite quickly that the production per hectare needs to improve, if coffee is to be interesting for the next generation of farmers in the region. Youngsters are leaving en masse for better fortune in the city or abroad. In addition, it is important for Amigos International/Escoffee Europe to secure a steady supply of quality coffee in the long run. Thus, Amigos decided to finance 240.000 small coffee plants, which it provides at half the cost price for Escoffee farmers, in an effort to increase productivity from sometimes disappointingly low numbers (5 quintal/ha.) to good yields (50 quintal/ha.) over time. Non Escoffee-members pay a higher price and are encouraged to join the Escoffee Association, in order to benefit from this and more services (machines-on-credit, workshops, organic and fair trade certification, etc.).

A little coffee plant will not grow well if not fed some good fertile compost. That’s why apart from the quarter of a million plants, the production of 3.700 bags of 45kg. of organic bokashi is financed as well. When a farmer buys a bag of this organic compost (again at a low price), he or she will also receive the ‘recipe’, in order to stimulate the farmer to produce the substance him or herself on their own plantation.