Cashew Reforestation Project

Cashew: Nut, Fruit and Reforestation! Did you know that underneath this delicious nut grows a juicy fruit? About the size of a small pepper, and with the same colors – red, green, yellow – this ‘marañon’ (Ecuador) or Caxu (Brazil) is full of vitamin C, but alas unknown to most of us due to rapid decay during transport. Amigos International is therefore planning to add value by drying the fruit, to be used as a snack in combination with the nut. The cashew fruit in pulp is excellent for the marmalade or juice industry. The nut will also be used as organic ingredient for our chocolate bars.

The beauty of this project is that it will encompass the reforestation of the region, as the cashew tree grows remarkably well in the arid climate of coastal Guayas and the peninsula of Santa Helena. The plan is to plant many more cashew trees in association with small scale farmers in the region, who will be able to commercialize the crop nationally and internationally. At the same time, these farmers will contribute to the reforestation of the region, which has been severely hurt ever since Spanish cattle farmers set foot on Ecuadorian soil.

Amigos International seeks financers for this project. If you are interested, please send us an e-mail!