Bio-degradable Packaging for Amigos Products

Amigos International is actively conducting research on the feasibility of biodegradable packaging for all of her products. Although still in search for a solution for the eco-packaging of coffee, Amigos will start in 2009 with the production of a line of chocolate bars in Ecuador (Ananda) which will have a 100% biodegradable inner- and outer packaging. With the help of international packaging specialist Arie Gelein of Packaging Knowhow we found an suitable inner foil – the hardest part, as these are usually made of aluminium several µ (mu) thick. The material is developed by the company Innovia and consists of a cellulose base (wood) with a very fine layer of aluminium particles sprayed on it. The particles, however, are so few (several Å), that they will integrate just fine in the soil of any garden within a matter of months. The freshness of the product is not being compromised; still over a year, when packaged in a (biodegradable) paper box, printed with biodegradable ink. The eco-friendly Ananda bars are expected in January 2009.