Inti Zen

Inti Zen, new Zensation

According to Chinese mythology, in 2737 BC the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung, scholar and herbalist, was strolling through his garden, as his servant heated water for his customary cup of boiled water. A leaf from a nearby bush drifted into the water. Rather than take it out, Shen Nung left the leaf in the water and watched with fascination as it tinted his clear water. Shen Nung was the first person to drink a cup of Tea. Aromas from the Andean Mountains, flavours from Patagonia, textures from Brazil, blended with the Orient wisdom of the Art of Tea. Inti is “sun, energy, spirit” in Quechuan. Zen is “Meditation. Return to the original nature.” in Japanese. Inti Zen is the enlightenment of Tea.

Inti Zen

The eight blends were created by the Argentinean tea blender, Ines Berton, inspired in eight different experiences:

1. Silencio Andino: Latin american Chamomile Flowers and Orange peel combined with Japanese green tea, gives a light golden liquor with a delicate sweet flavour that match the aroma.

2. Chaman Chai: Assam Black Tea blended with cinnamon, cardamom and ginger, gives an intense amber liquor with a sweet bouquet slightly spicy and a full-bodied favour. Chaman Chai is a traditional Indian brew with a Latin hint that excels the real.

3. Patagonia Bee: Honey from Patagonia, vanilla and cacao from Mexico, blended with a fine Assam black tea. Patagonia Bee provides a bright amber infusion with a velvety texture that leads to a pleasant finish. Sweet and Cosy, this blend is particularly good after a dinner as dessert.

4. Inca Rose: A blend of fine black tea from Ceylon scented with the essence of pure Italian bergamot and rose petals from Patagonia. This clear amber infusion has a sweet and wonderful taste. Inca Rose is a sensual and delicate Earl Grey tea with an exquisite flowery bouquet for the perfect afternoon.

5. Iluminé: Breakfast blend from Ceylon and Assam with a hint of roasted oolong tea. Illumine gives a bright-coloured infusion, slightly crispy, producing a full-bodied blend, perfect to awaken, or simply to drink at any time. Great to drink it with toast and marmalade.

6. Amazonia 12: Excellent hot or iced. Mango, papaya, hibiscus and citrus fruits blended with an Assam black Tea. This bright amber liquor has a refreshing and uplifting taste with lovely fruit nose and dusting of citrus rind. Amazonia 12 is an imaginary voyage with perfume of rainforest.

7. Don Juan: Sensuality, coziness and mystery in a cup of tea. An exceptional tea base from the highest gardens in the Himalayan foothills combined with sweet dulce de leche and red fruits from the forest, that gives a bright-coloured liquor with a creamy texture. This complex toffee bouquet is accented by the mellow fruitiness from the red fruits. Don Juan is a blend with heart.

8. Tea for Tango: Yerba mate or “Drink of the Gods”, known for its pleasant stimulating effect, is a native Latin-American ceremonial drink that evokes ancient knowledge and circular friendship. Yerba mate has a pungent taste across between green tea and coffee, with hints of tobacco and oak. By mixing it with jasmine, its bitter flavour disappears, obtaining a wonderful and exotic perfume with a perfect taste. Tea for Tango is a sensual dancing blend.

Inti Zen inspires new Zensations to open the doors to perception, through symbols, images, aromas and flavors. Inti Zen hides the most beautiful mysteries in a cup of tea.

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