Escoffee Covered With Eschocolat

Escoffee Covered With Eschocolat: North meets South in Best of Coffee and Cacao!

The premium Arriba chocolate from the Ecuadorian coastal North meets premium Arabica coffee grown in the southernmost province of the country (Loja). Here, a beautiful highland coffee is grown, organic and shade-grown, keeping in tact the precious natural habitats to Ecuadors birds and insects.

The already famous ‘Escoffee’ is coated with Eschocolat in port city Guayaquil, to be processed at Ecuador’s finest chocolate factory. The result: irresistible ‘Escoffee Covered With Eschocolat’. This is another 100% PICO product brought to you by Amigos International. Produced In Country of Origin, Escoffee Covered With Eschocolat mean extra employment for creative Ecuadorians who process the raw materials into this finished, pure and authentic product.

Escoffee Covered With Eschocolat is recommended for your health and happiness!

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