Ananda Chocolate

Ananda Chocolate: Bliss in a 50 gram bar!

Scientists agree: chocolate makes you happy! ‘Ananda’, means ‘ecstasy’ in Sanskrit and Pali, and is a Buddhist term coined millennia ago, when cacao only still made the Amazon Indians, the Mayans and Aztecs happy. By now, cacao’s benefits are well-known worldwide. About fifty grams of dark chocolate every day is recommended for your health, in large part due to its happiness-producing particles, so-called ‘Anandamides’.  Of course it’s also the sublime taste of the premium Ecuadorian cacao which gets you a step closer to the blissful state of ‘Ananda’.

But we don’t want to just make consumers happy. Producers should be happy too! So we buy the cacao at Fair Trade prices, and have the bar Produced start to finish In Country of Origin (PICO), thus generating extra jobs for processors in the South. Think of the roasting, conging and blending of the cacao; the design and production of the packaging; the packing of the bars and the administration that comes with it all. All this constitutes value added for Ecuador.

Finally, the Earth is happy as well with Ananda Chocolate: the ingredients are organic, and we can boast to have just about the most environmentally friendly packaging one can imagine: a box made from trees that are managed responsibly under the PEFC standards (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification); we print with vegetable-based ink; and our WORLD PREMIER: the inner-wrapper is 100% home-compostable… use it in your garden’s compost and this ‘waste’ becomes food for your plants!

100% pico

Ananda Chocolate comes in 5 flavors

  • 80% dark (Pure Extase)
  • 70% dark with bits of dried banana (Blissful Banana)
  • 70% dark with bits of coffee and mint (Mentally Mint)
  • 70% dark with coffee beans (Coffee Break)
  • 70% dark, sweetened with banana fructose – NO SUGAR ADDED (Bye Bye Sugar!)

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