Coffee At The Office

CSR coffee formula by Amigos International

Amigos International has teamed up with Aube Vending to bring Escoffee into your office/ school or even at your ‘morning bus stop!’ Our organic and -on or after the end of 2010- fair trade coffee from Ecuador is as of now available in your own flashy / funky / classical or tailor made designed vending machine!
Imagine having Escoffee as your organic specialty coffee at work. High quality Café lungo’s to get you through the morning, an Espresso after lunch and Cappuccino during the afternoon! With a push on a button you, your colleagues and clients will enjoy a delicious cup of warm fresh ground coffee, whenever you fancy.

Two Jofemar coffee vending machines have been selected by Amigos International. Both coffee machines have a grinding mechanism inside, offering you fresh ground coffee… cup after cup.  No more fresh brew or instant coffee for you!

Depending on your needs you can choose for the Jofemar Coffeemar G250 or her big brother the Jofemar Coffeemar G500. Both machines can carry your company logo for your clients to understand that you choose for the sustainable alternative!

Both machines can be purchased or leased (only Belgium) via Amigos international. To give you an idea of specifications/ prices, the following table is valid for 2010:

Specifications Jofemar Coffeemar G250 Jofemar Coffeemar G500
Containers (coffee, milk, soup,…) 6 6
Selection (menu options) 15 18
Cups 250 500
Dimensions (+30cm  height for install.) 1500*500*161mm 1825*600*605mm
Weight (empty) 100kg 150kg

Purchase or Lease:

Specifications Jofemar Coffeemar G250 Jofemar Coffeemar G500
Purchase (ex VAT, 1yr warranty) € 3.045 € 4.230
Leasing at 36 months (3yr) / month € 98,68 € 137,01
Leasing at 48 months (4yr) / month € 77,98 € 108,03
Leasing at 60 months (5yr) / month € 65,50 € 90,99

After the leasing period the machine is yours!

Optional services:

Specifications Jofemar Coffeemar G250 Jofemar Coffeemar G500
Installation (one time cost) € 75 € 75
Service (ex materials) / month € 12 € 12
Anti Ca-incrust equipment* Depending on dH / °F / °D Depending on dH / °F / °D

*Check your water hardness at:  TMWV

Based on your personnel’s or company wishes the Jofemar coffee vending machines can make people enjoy our fresh ground coffee for:

  • Free.
  • Payment via cash or coins (jetton).
  • Payment via card/ batch slot.

Interested? Contact us at

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