100% PICO

100% Produced In Country of Origin

The 100% PICO (Produced In Country of Origin) label guarantees the following code of conduct:

-    Guaranteed value added for developing economy

PICO products are fully produced in country of origin. In other words, raw agricultural material (coffee, tea, cacao, etc) is transformed (processed) into a final product ready for export. These processing activities stimulate Small and Medium-size Enterprises (SMEs), defined as companies with fewer than 50 employees. Otherwise, these SMEs are left out of the loop in producing finished coffee, chocolate or other products found on Northern shelves, which are processed by Northern brands in Northern factories.

-    Guaranteed fair pay for farmers and processors

Farmers are guaranteed the Fair Trade farm-gate price or more. This minimum farm-gate price is determined by comparing it to farm gate prices paid by FLO-certified projects in the same country.  The more-price goes to the families directly, to a farmers association if present, or to a project benefitting the farming community. Fair Trade certification will be encouraged as an extra label recognised by consumers.

Important! Whereas FLO standards usually only apply to farming communities, PICO standards also include local processors (e.g. roasters, packers, designers). Processors and local administration staff (e.g. management farmer organisation, exporters) are paid minimum wage or more, whereby the PICO product is guaranteed to generate more employment in the South.

-    Guaranteed safe labour conditions

All PICO products are by default ORGANIC, but organic certification may not have taken place (yet). Farmers produce without using synthetic fertilizer or pesticide, in the first place for their own health and in the second place to guarantee a toxin-free PICO product. Organic certification is encouraged as an extra label recognised by consumers.

Processors produce in hygienic conditions, with protective clothing or masks if necessary. Labour conditions are according to ILO standards. No children are at work in the processing sector.

-    Guaranteed maximizing of education

PICO squarely places education first. Education, however, does not only include academic training. Acknowledging the cultural and social significance of participation by youngsters in the family cultivation practices, PICO allows for this participation by youngsters during leisure time. Under PICO standards it is first assessed that this enriches their lives and does not take them from away from academic education.

To apply for the 100% PICO label, or if you have questions/comments, please contact:

Contact Jeroen Kruft

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