The Team

Amigos International consists of a team of young socially- and ecologically-driven entrepreneurs partly coming out of the Wageningen University environment. Innovation, progress and a sense of justice have been the driving forces for creating the Amigos-International platform, creating space to work out ideas and to convert thoughts into concrete business. We are constantly looking for new, interesting products, with added value due to local processing, organic or fair trade certification and for partners in the European market who are interested in socially and ecologically responsible products with a good story.

Jeroen en Bastiaan

  • Jerome Kruft, managing director Netherlands and farmer support South America: Jerome is the founder of Escoffee Europe. He has studied and worked in the North and South America for over 16 years before moving back to the Netherlands where he became one of the co-founders of Amigos-International. He oversees the entire value chain, from production and processing processes in the country of origin, to marketing and sales in Europe. Jerome currently lives in Wageningen, Holland, but spends much time abroad (South America, Africa and Asia), where he carries out consultancies for Amigos and other development organizations.
  • Bastiaan Bais, marketing and sales director and developer of Eco-tourism: Bastiaan is a co-founder of Amigos-International and has worked and studied in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Scotland. Bastiaan recently moved to Aalst, Belgium, where he opened a second Amigos office where he works besides on product development, on marketing and sales for the Flemish and German market. Besides having worked extensively in M&S of Escoffee in the Netherlands, he also has working experience with volunteer projects throughout Europe and is currently developing a ‘voluntourism’ project in the Ecuadorian coffee regions of Escoffee. Stay tuned!
  • Sander Dijkslag, external consultant: Sander is a co-founder of Amigos International but currently has a full time job with Eosta Organic Food & Vegetables. However, he still provides much useful feedback when we meet with him from time to time. We hope that Sander will join Amigos full-time in the future.
  • Maarten Bruns, external consultant (GroeneAap): Maarten contributed to the development of cradle-to-cradle packaging for the Ananda chocolate which is to be launched in September 2009.
  • Arie Gelein, external consultant (Packaging Knowhow): Arie put his knowledge to work for Amigos by helping to develop a home compostable wrap for the Ananda chocolate which is to be launched in September 2009.