Research and Internships

Amigos International carries out research and development in cooperation with academic and professional institutes. In recent years we have worked with experts and trainees from Wageningen University & Research Centre, Hogeschool of Leiden, Hogeschool Den Bosch, Saint Felix School of Business in Nantes and Likès School of International Trade in Quimper. Research ranges from marketing to packaging, from certification standards to communication strategies.


  • COFFEE: CRISIS OR CREATIVITY? A study of Specialty Coffee Production and Commercialization in Southern Ecuador (Wageningen University; J.Kruft, 2005): Please request a copy
  • COFFEE VOLUNTOURISM: An explorative research on combining coffee production and Voluntourism (Van Hall Larenstein; B.Bais, 2007) Please request a copy
  • THE GREENING OF ROSES, An Introductory Study of the Technical and Economic Viability of Organic Rose Production in Ecuador (Wageningen University; 2004, by J. Kruft, P. Jácome and M. Vítková). Please request a copy.