Mission and Vision

Mission: Developing rural areas in developing countries by offering ecologically and socially responsible, 100% processed products from these areas to local, regional and international (EU) markets.

Because Western monopolies on processing and branding are a ‘raw’ deal for the developing world.

Vision: Amigos International’s axiom is that trade in commodities (raw materials) alone is insufficient as basis for a country to develop itself as an equitable player in the global economy. We believe that Fair Trade does too little, in that respect; developing countries benefit insufficiently from a higher price for its raw materials (green coffee, cacao beans), and should in stead be allowed the chance to add value to the product by processing it, which will stimulate small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs); the motor of every healthy economy.

Short desription of activities

After the founding and success of Escoffee Europe (2004), the umbrella organization Amigos International was founded in 2005 by Jerome Kruft, Bastiaan Bais and Sander Dijkslag with the purpose of introducing innovative products in the European Union; products which are processed in ‘developing’ countries to high-quality products.

Amigos works closely with students, recent graduates and research institutes (e.g. WUR, Hogescholen Velp, Sittard, Breda, UTPLoja) for the introduction of products or to investigate market possibilities for our products. In a short time Amigos has built up a large network of people with knowledge of, and experience in, matters of ecology, sociology, value chains, marketing and international trade.

Besides offering food products, Amigos International also offers its knowledge in the areas of ecology, marketing, certification, eco-tourism and farmer support (please see Consulanties and Education). With determination, Amigos International supports achieving the following 2015 Millenium Development Goals (MDGs). Through our activities, we intend to directly contribute to:

1. Halving poverty, reducing hunger;

2. Education;

3. Equality between men and women;

8. Development of a fair trade system.

Indirectly, we hope to contribute to MDGs 4 and 7: Improvement of health of children and mothers (4), and guaranteeing safe drinking water (7).